Acquisition & Disposal ::

Strategies to balance your asset portfolio are developed to match exacting time and cost parameters, delivering value to your business at each step.

Timely and cost efficient acquisition and disposals are key in the success of this.

Leases Landlord & Tenant ::

Whether a landlord, tenant or both, James Alexander Consultants will devise tailored strategies to maximise the opportunities and minimise the liabilities to you and you organisation.

Infrastructure Services ::

The key services supporting your business can make the difference to how your business operates and how your staff feels about your organisation.
From security to maintenance James Alexander Consultants have the experience and expertise to understand what is happening and what needs to change.

Contact Information ::

Copperfield House, Dickens Close, Petersham, Surrey, TW10 7AU
Phone: 0208 948 4242
Fax: 0208 948 4222